Protesting on Federal Land is Good When It is Obama Approved

by Steve MacDonald

Here’s another Obama double standard. Environmental protesters opposing an approved pipeline, squatting on Federal land is free speech, but peaceful ranchers are viewed as criminals.’ Rachel Alexander explains.


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  • Don

    Yes, the deadly double standard hasn’t been lost on me. One side is murdered or sent to prison and the other side is praised and given a free pass.

    • Bruce Currie
      • Don

        Earth and you? Name me one OWL protester murdered by police? Name me one OWL protester that sits in prison for their protest? There is a huge double standard on the left.

        • Bruce Currie

          Last I checked, Occupy protesters were unarmed. None resisted arrest violently. The Dakota Pipeline protestors are, so far as I can tell, unarmed and nonviolent. The same cannot be said for the Malheur Refuge occupiers, who were both armed and, in the case of the dead man, resisted arrest.

          • Don

            And unlike the Micheal Brown incident he was fired upon with his hands in the air…

          • Bruce Currie
          • Don

            He had his hands in the air and the FBI fired twice missing him. He was a powder keg admittedly but would he have taken his hands down if he wasn’t being shot at, we’ll never know. BTW, all of the rest were found not guilty.

          • Bruce Currie

            I don’t think that’s an accurate account. From my link above:
            “Finicum catches his right toe in the snow, partially stumbles, recovers, and puts his weight on his right leg as the camera in the airplane zooms in. Finicum can clearly see the OSP trooper on the end of the snowbank by the road who is pointing a handgun at him, and has been aware of the officer still hidden by the treeline since the moment he stepped out of the vehicle and raised his hands. Put bluntly, Finicum knows he has at least two guns on him in a crossfire situation.
            “Finicum takes several steps forward, turns his head towards the officer with the handgun coming over the snowbank, and drops his hands a second time, his left hand reaching towards the hem of his coat.
            “Finicum stumbles and quickly re-raises his hands. The officer who had nearly been run over is now on his feet and moving for cover, his back Finicum’s truck. He is no part of the confrontation at all. The OSP officer moving from the snowbank is now directly behind Finicum’s truck. He appears to have his gun extended. We still can’t see the OSP officer in the treeline, but we know he’s moving.
            “Finicum hesitates. He drops his hands to his side a third time.
            “Finicum re-raises his hands halfway but only halfway, and turns to square up on the officer with the handgun. He’s in a classic “ready” position, familiar to any competition shooter or defensive handgun student.
            “Finicum drops his hands a final, and turns towards the officer who is now moving forward out of the treeline. He is making movements consistent with drawing a weapon, what is typically known in legal circles as a “furtive gesture.” He’s doing almost exactly what got Tamir Rice shot in Cleveland.
            “Finicum pulls his jacket open with his left hand and reaches inside with his right hand as he continues turning towards the officer emerging from the treeline. This is a man who has been told repeatedly to keep his hands up, who knows he is being covered by two police officers with guns, intentionally reaching into his clothing in a motion that anyone with defensive firearms training would consider an attempt to acquire a weapon.”

          • Don

            The video taken by the victims in the truck show beyond a reasonable doubt Finicum with his hands in the air and at least one bullet strike on the truck. You can’t spin this because facts are stubborn things.

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