Forbes On Fox: Trump Tax Cuts, Dem Demands & Bipartisanship

by Mike

More to the point, the PERILS of bipartisanship!
A lively and spirited discussion, including Forbes himself, host David Asman, Financial Analyst Elizabeth MacDonald, Libertarian John Tamny, Moderate Bill Baldwin, and Millenial Jessica Tarlov.
Many excellent points are made, including how high taxes stifle S Corps, and thus small business job creation, that bipartisanship is poison to Republicans, that Elections have consequences and the GOP should seize the initiative, but the best quotes for my money were E-Mac’s assertions that the Tax Code creates more liars than golf, and the deductions section is responsible for more works of fiction than the entire library of Congress!

Here are, left – the entire segment, right – E-Mac’s spot-on rant:

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