Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

by Steve MacDonald

This is a nice explanation of first, second, and third party payer systems and why the government can’t fix healthcare.

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  • mer

    “I will give you 2 goats, 3 chickens and one lamb for a triple bypass”.

    Sounds stupid, but the healthcare system worked like that just fine for a long time.
    Insurance is good until “government” mandates coverage that 90% of the people don’t need (90% paying for the 10%. Of course the 10% loves it).
    Go back to catastrophic coverage, minimum mandated coverage, pick your deductible. The tradeoff used to be “higher deductible meant lower premium” but then Doh’care came in and mandated that a biologic male had to carry OB/GYN coverage and raised the premium so you wound up with high premium, high deductible giving you insurance that was too expensive to actually use.

    Something is out of whack when I have 35% of my income going out as taxes and 20% out as insurance.

  • Moe Ferrel

    In the fifties my mother paid for a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy while making $50 a week working in a woolen mill in Lowell with no government or company help. She came down with kidney cancer in 1960 and had the kidney removed. She died in 2009 at 96 in her own house.

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