Skip Murphy – Hey Abbott!!!

Skip joins me to talk about The Southern Poverty Law enter, labeling groups as Hate Groups, Strawman arguments, and other liberal narratives, as we discuss his exchanges in the Laconia Daily Sun with Ms. Jennifer Abbott. Follow this program on Stitcher Radio.

Kimberly Morin: Up to Her Eyeballs in Gun Grabbers

Kimberly Morin waded into the gungrabapalooza in Portsmouth a few days ago and shares her “experience” walking among the brain-dead liberals, their stupid signs, and hypocritical flyers. Follow this program on Spreaker   Also Available on Google Play

The Interviews Week Ending 3-24-2017

Another week another week’s worth of interviews on topics from trade and tariffs to Female Genital mutilation legislation, to Gun laws, local government hijinks and public school tyranny. Follow this program on Google Play   Also Available on Google Play

Public Schools behaving badly

When Public Schools try to extend their disciplinary reach and influence outside the educational calendar and off campus parents need to rein them and their facilitators in. Skip Murphy joins me to discuss a recent example of this, check it out. Follow this program on TuneIn Also Available on Google Play

Trade Wars and Revolving Doors

Mike Rogers joins me to explore Trump’s revolving door at the White House (Not such a bad thing). Then it’s on to the political establishment’s reaction to steel and aluminum tariffs plus our thoughts. Good, bad, the analysis might surprise you. Follow us on iHeart Radio Also Available on Google Play

The Interviews – Week Ending 3-17-2018

This week our guests include CNHT chairman Ed Naile, Daren Bakst from the Heritage Institute, Pro-Life activist Ellen Kolb, and Kimberly Morin. On topics from the Second Amendment, liberal malfeasance, water rights, free speech, and compelled speech. If you missed any of the interviews throughout the week, they are all here, in one convenient package. …

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Fixing Obama Era EPA Overreach – The Waters of the US Rule

Daren Bakst,  The Heritage Foundation’s research fellow in agricultural policy, joins me to discuss Obama Era EPA overreach and the Water of the US Rule. Where we are (everything from a lake to a puddle can be regulated). What Congress can or should do. And what if anything you can do to help. Also Available …

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