Oh no! State Rep. Cynthia Chase…AGAIN?

by Tim Condon

CynthiaChaseSolitaireCynthia Chase, an immigrant from Rhode Island, recently made headlines when she urged Democrats to pass laws restricting the freedoms of NH state citizens…to discourage Free State Project participants from wanting to move to the Live Free or Die state (I kid you not). That was odd, and it made national news…but even odder is this recent picture of Rep. Chase apparently playing solitaire on her tablet computer during State House testimony on a proposed New Hampshire law. Sheesh! Now, I don’t want to jump to conclusions—pictures can be photoshopped, after all—so I want to ask, would someone in the State House please check with Rep. Chase and find out if she really WAS playing solitaire on her tablet recently instead of paying attention to testimony on a House bill? Please help and respond!

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  • Tim from Nashua

    Cynthia Chase, content to pass the DemocRat Bills in order to find out what’s in them.

  • nhsteve

    Tim , I spoke to the photographer four days ago (when I posted the same picture on GG) and that person told me that Progresive Political migrant worker Cynthia Chase was, in fact, playing solitaire during the testimony for the gas tax bill.

  • The only thing missing is a little commercial product placement….for example, a Can of Tab cola and a Bag of Lay’s Chicken and Waffles-flavored chips.

  • W. Thomas

    Let’s accept that what appears on the tablet is a game. At least she was PRESENT for the session. IMHO her being PRESENT with her tablet says a lot more for her than the empty seats in front of (and probably) behind her say for those absent.

    • well, being absent one gets criticism for being absent. But sitting there playing Solitaire? If we accept the premise that our govt is engaged then she might be better off staying home.

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