Steve Bannon on Russia, Republicans, and Collusion

by Steve MacDonald November 13, 2017

Steve Bannon puts the collusion with Russia story in its proper and humorous context in this 45 second sound bite. (We’ve got the full audio and a complete video of the speech.) Find more audio from on any of these platforms Also Available on Google Play

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Steve Bannon Questions Voter Integrity in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald November 11, 2017

The Liberals are losing their minds over Steve Bannon’s visit to New Hampshire, and between calling everyone white supremacists and ignoring their own hate, the sharpest thorn in their paw (at the moment) are his widely (only partially) reported remarks about voter integrity in the Granite State. The actual remarks are only about three minutes […]

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Alexa Users Can Listen to Podcasts on GrokTALK!

by Steve MacDonald November 8, 2017

Alexa users can now access podcasts and podcast networks like GrokTALK! when they enable the Spreaker Podcast Radio Player on their Device. Once enabled just say, “Alexa, open Spreaker” – “Find GrokTALK!” or ‘Play the Steve MacDonald Show’ (which may be how Spreaker sees that feed), or search for any of the thousands of other podcasts available. Spreaker’s description […]

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To the Left Feeling Virtuous About Diversity is More Important Than…

by Steve MacDonald November 6, 2017

This week Rich and Steve discuss the left’s diversity cult and its connections to an Uzbeck Jihadi Assassin, Antifa, intolerant college kids, and Free Speech. Then it’s on to Donna Brazille, the DNC, Donald Trump, and the 2018 Elections. Edited down from the original Visit Girard at Catch up with this and past segments […]

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Feeling Virtuous About Diversity is More Important Than [ Blank]

by Steve MacDonald November 6, 2017

Here’s a quick two-minute sample from my segment on Giard at Large this morning. I reach into news-cycle antiquity, about a week back, to grab a phrase from Tucker Carlson that speaks loudly about diversity and the professional left. The longer (better sounding) edited version will be available later today as will a link to the […]

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Radio Ad: Fundraiser with Steve Bannon

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2017

To help fund Initiative 18, a project to elect more small government reps to the New Hampshire House, the 603 Alliance is holding a fundraiser on Nov 9th featuring Steve Bannon. This Ad will run locally on a friendly morning program for the next few days – put together at the last minute, on the […]

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Securing a Pro-Small Government Majority In The NH House

by Steve MacDonald October 31, 2017

Edited from my weekly segment on Girard at Large,  Rich and I discuss the upcoming fundraiser featuring Steve Bannon, the 603 Alliance mission, and Initiative 18 – the effort to secure a pro-small government majority in the NH House. | Full Segment on Girard at Large Visit Girard at Catch up with this and […]

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Worker Voting Rights

by Steve MacDonald October 27, 2017

This time around my guest is Robert Alt, the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Buckeye Institute. Mr. Alt is a nationally recognized scholar with expertise in legal policy including criminal justice, national security, and constitutional law. He joins me to discuss Worker Voting Rights, an initiative that would grant public sector union members, many of whom […]

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Wisconsin Takes Steps to Protect Free Speech on Campus

by Steve MacDonald October 24, 2017

In the growing shadow of new legislation designed to protect free speech on campus, the board of regents for the University of Wisconsin (UW) state college system voted 16-1 to adopt a new policy in advance of a bill expected to pass the legislature. Liberty McArtor, a staff writer for The Stream, wrote about the recent developments at […]

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Be Sure to Tune in Tomorrow Morning at 8:40 AM ET

by Steve MacDonald September 10, 2017

Another Monday and another trip to the super secret studios to talk about the New Media, Free Speech, GraniteGrok, and politics in NH and the Nation. Tune in at 8:40 am ET to hear what’s on tap this week with the New Media Militia on Girard at Large or 90.7 FM WLMW.

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Cajun Navy and now the Redneck Army – Monster Truck saves National Guard Truck

by Skip September 1, 2017

Yeah, from my previous post about some Lefty SJW whining about “untrained volunteers” – where would Houston et al and Louisiana be without volunteers?  Anywhere, for that matter, right?  I mean, what regular Army platoon keeps a couple of these bad boys around along with the guys that go “Here, Cletus, hold m’beer” and create […]

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My Appearance on Conservative Chick Chat – WSMN 1590AM

by Steve MacDonald September 1, 2017

On Monday the 28th I did two radio programs. My weekly stint on Girard at Large, and an hour in Nashua on WSMN 1590AM on a program called Conservative Chick Chat. We talked about what happened to GrokTALK!, Harvey and the Texas Flood, the New Media Militia, recent violence and of course free speech. Here’s […]

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Susan Olsen – On Being Assaulted by Dem. Rep. Katherine Rogers

by Steve MacDonald August 17, 2017

Last night Susan Olsen took some time to talk about the circumstances surrounding her assault and the pending arraignment of the perp, New Hampshire Democrat House Rep. Katherine Rogers. We discuss the State Senate recount and the interaction between the accused and the accosted. Why the report was filed after the House Session, and more. […]

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Eva Castillo-Sturgeon – A Venezuelan Talks About Venezuela

by Steve MacDonald August 14, 2017

In one of several great segments from my stint guest-hosting Girard at Large this morning Eva Castillo-Sturgeon tells us about how Venezuela, which is her native country, has transitioned from the only thriving Democracy in South America to the crumbling socialist wreck it is today. Susan Olsen and Bob Clegg guest-host with me. Please, take a […]

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The New Media Militia and Granite Grok on Girard At Large

by Steve MacDonald August 7, 2017

This morning I spent some time on the Girard at Large Radio program. The two topics of interest were a recent controversy in the state over Human trafficking and a change in leadership at

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CNHT Picnic: Andy Sanborn is Running for Congress in NH CD-1

by Steve MacDonald July 10, 2017

State Senator Andy Sanborn, speaking at the CNHT Picnic this past weekend, took a few minutes to offer a short, simple set of reasons to support him for Congress in New Hampshire CD-1 in 2018. Audio 5 min 14 sec. GrokTalk! and GraniteGrok contribute to the New Media Militia

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Kimberly Morin: Democrats are Lying

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2017

Recorded live from the CNHT taxpayer Picnic, our own Kimberly Morin from NH Political Buzz and Girard at Large, emphasizes a few important points we all need to remember. New Hampshire Democrat leadership is lying about the Trump election commission. Democrats are making their voters look like idiots. In case you forgot, Obama had an […]

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Should John Burt Run Against Dem. State Sen. Lou D’Allesandro?

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2017

House Rep. John Burt talks about the media, constitutional carry, what a waste of space Washington DC is, and his next run for public office. Should he run for Congress, challenge Democrat Lou D’Allesandro for the NH State Senate, or how about staying in the NH House and running for Speaker? 7′ 33″ Recorded live […]

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Election Fraud is Real

by Steve MacDonald July 8, 2017

From the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Annual Taxpayer Picnic, CNHT Chairman Ed Naile talks about voter fraud, the Trump Election Commission, and cases of actual vote fraud in New Hampshire.  

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“Consensus is a political process, not a scientific one.”

by Steve MacDonald May 13, 2017

“Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way of avoiding debate by claiming that the matter is already settled” – Michael Crichton “Consensus is a political process, not a scientific one.” – oeman50 RCSB

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How Socialism Ruined My Country

by Steve MacDonald March 30, 2017

Is Bernie Sanders right? Are people living under socialism better off? Brazil is a good case study. Felipe Moura Brasil, a journalist and Veja magazine columnist, explains how his country has fared under socialism. – Prager U

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GT Flashback April 5th, 2014

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2017

Listen to “GT Flashback April 5th, 2014” on Spreaker. Congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia joins us to talk Millennials. Jack Biltis, President of TAG Employer Services, talks about the regulatory state. Then Mike Rogers calls in from the CCDL gun rights rally in Connecticut.

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GT Flashback – Ken Eyring & Tom Murray: Windham School District

by Steve MacDonald March 18, 2017

As Windham voters go to the polls I thought we should remind them what the school district and school board were like before Ken Eyring and Tom Murray got elected. The decreasing transparency, $600,000.00 no-bid contracts, and limiting public comment or input on issues affecting parents and taxpayers, plus a whole lot more. Ken has […]

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WDLNH 3rd Annual Gun Rally – Part 5: Molon Labe!

by Skip March 5, 2017

(Copyright 2017  KJ Park – see after the jump) A humorous moment during the taking of the “family picture”:

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GT Flashback – March 8th, 2014: Kevin Avard, Pam Tucker, Karen Testerman

by Steve MacDonald March 5, 2017

Listen to “GT Flashback – March 14th, 2014 – Midterm Maddness” on Spreaker. From March 2014, as the midterm election season heats up we visit with NH House Rep and House Republican Alliance Co-Chair Pamela Tucker. The founder of Cornerstone Policy Research and Candidate for the US Senate – Karen Testerman. And former House Rep, and […]

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The Oscars, Chelsea Clinton, Global Warming

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2017

I was fooling around with laptops and microphones and surfing the internet and figured, why not combine these distractions. The Oscar Ratings are in, Chelsea Clinton Tweets, and something new about global warming and snow. (90 seconds)

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GT-Flashback March 1st, 2014 – Crimea River

by Steve MacDonald February 25, 2017

Listen to “GT-Flashback March 1st, 2014 – Crimea River” on Spreaker. Those who ignore history and all that, right? So here’s our podcast from March 1st, 2014 with conversations on Obama’s ‘response’ to Russia in Crimea, the NHGOP and Medicaid Expansion, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s connection to Bondage and Submission sex videos for teens, and Democrats oppressing […]

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GT Flashback – January 31st, 2015

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2017

Listen to “GT Flashback – January 31st, 2015 Guns!!! Guns!!! Guns!!!” on Spreaker. January in New Hampshire turns our thoughts to Constitutional Carry. So while we bask in the success of 2017, let’s not forget that the journey started years ago and that some states aren’t so lucky. In this weeks GT Flashback Susan Olsen discusses a hearing […]

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GT Flashback February 8th, 2014 – Gericke, Underwood, Warden, and Bloom

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2017

Listen to “GT Flashback – February, 8th 2014 – Free State Project” on Spreaker. It’s a GrokTALK! Flashback from February, 8th 2014 with (then) Free State President Carla Gericke, Ian Underwood, Mark Warden, and Kevin Bloom. We discuss cell phone bans, the NH Republican Senate’s Great Compromise, attacks on free speech, civil asset forfeiture, the […]

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“Every Time We Kill a Child Through Abortion We Kill Our Potential”

by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2017

Republican House Rep Mia Love (UT) gave a great speech at the March for Life Yesterday. H/T RedState

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