US Sees Record Small Business Optimism – Democrats Promise To Take It All Away

Trump’s recovery summer continues to stack up wins as small business optimism piles on to an already impressive roll call.

From National Review.

Optimism among small-business owners reached a record high in August as Republican-passed tax cuts and deregulation began to bear fruit, according to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business.

The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index hit 108.8 last month, the highest it’s been in the index’s 45-year history, beating the previous record of 108 set in 1983 under Republican president Ronald Reagan.

No, it’s not Obama’s economy. And yes the middle class has benefitted. Blacks have benefitted. Hispanics have benefitted. Young people have benefitted. Unions have benefited.  This is a problem for Democrats.

It’s a huge problem for Democrats who not only opposed the reforms but are running on repealing what is so obviously responsible for the overnight change in jobs, growth, wages, and opportunity that are benefitting many of the folks they have for so long claimed to advocate.

The Democrat Party – Making America Not so Great Again.

New Hampshire Democrats are running around the state using education funding as a vehicle for instituting a statewide broad-based tax. Why? We don’t spend enough on education, but oh, by the way, your property taxes are too high.

The only reason property taxes are high is because of how much we already spend on education. But if you claim that we need to spend more, you cannot then promise to take less unless you are a Democrat.

The road shows and talking points are not about tax relief but executing fiscal voodoo to hide just how much more Democrats will take.

Democrats are also confronted with the cold hard reality that the state-run government schools can’t find a way to spend less than $16,000.00/per student per year. And that’s the number that’s not enough now.

So, what is enough? There is “no” enough. There is no amount of money they can take that will satisfy the problem they claim exists because the “taking” has nothing to do with solving that problem.

They don’t want to escalate the statewide property tax to create local tax relief. They want to expand the reach of state government and the associated bureaucracy to rob you to feed their control addiction.

Democrats are obsessed with control. That control exemplifies their deeply held belief that you are too damn stupid to finance their political priorities without them forcing you to do that – which is the only truth in this equation. You have different plans for the money you earn, but they need your money to finance their plans.

They will say or do anything to convince you to let them take it.

This local abuse translates to the national abuse.

Democrats can’t explain how much they need to run your government or why that federal control never leads to the sort of prosperity we see when the government takes less. Which brings me to one more point.

Politicians on the left have been talking about “middle-class” tax cuts forever. The Obama years are replete with acts passed by Congress with the word “jobs” in them or that were sold as job creating. Obama and Democrats have been claiming for nearly a decade that they made changes to the government that delivered tax cuts or benefits to the middle class. But throughout the tenure of these armchair economists, no substantial or consistent growth ever emerged.

Their ideas about government’s role in job creation and tax relief were a failure. To excuse this failure, they extolled the virtues of funemployment, the benefits of unemployment benefits, and declared that 2% growth was the new normal.

When Trump and the Republicans said hey, can we try something different, the Democrats universally rejected it because it lowered taxes and reduced regulatory burdens. They claimed it didn’t provide what they claimed they’d been providing for years. Middle-class tax relief.

That “something new” passed into law without them and the economy has exploded. Growth is not a thing of the past. And yes the middle class has benefitted. Blacks have benefitted. Hispanics have benefitted. Young people have benefitted. Unions have benefitted.

In historic fashion.

So, the only thing standing between the middle class and prosperity is Democrats.

But then, that’s always been the case.

If people would just realize this we could rid ourselves of their meddlesome plague and get on with our lives.

Sadly, they will stop at nothing to regain the power necessary to rob you to finance their agenda. Which, if nothing else, gives us something to do, here.

The Left exists, therefore we blog.