Steve Negron Wins Nomination in NH CD-2 Primary [Updated]

Congratulations to Steve Negron, his wife Terry, and the entire field team. They covered a lot of ground in a very crowded field and pulled off an impressive victory. A win that came sometime after midnight.

Not that I ever doubted it.

My goal, for the record, was to provide some video from the Negron campaign’s victory party. But my lovely wife and I have to get up early to work so we had to leave with only 88% of precincts reporting and the outcome still to close to call. That was just before 11pm.

By midnight it seemed clear Steve was holding a lead he’d had for hours but it still wasn’t enough to call.

I woke up understanding the obvious. Steve won. The press release in my in-box did the rest.

Nashua, NH – Steve Negron, a U.S. Air Force veteran and small business owner, has won the Republican nomination in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District and issued the following statement:

“The voters have made their voices heard loud and clear. They have spoken, and they are ready for change. They are craving a new direction with a bold agenda that will bring New Hampshire values back to Capitol Hill. For too long, our seat has not belonged to the people. It has belonged to a Member of Congress who is beholden to the special interests and partisan politicians who are more concerned with an out-of-touch Washington agenda. We deserve so much better.

“I am incredibly blessed to have earned the Republican nomination. It is truly an honor to represent our party as we march towards real change for our district. I look forward to continuing my campaign across NH-02, spreading our message of restoring American confidence to voters in all corners of our district.”

It’s the day after the primary so there is plenty more to chew on but I need coffee first. A lot of it. And November is coming.

[Update 1] CHanged the screen grab to reflect most recent results with 98% of precincts reporting.
[Update 2] Stewart Levenson Conceded Race

[Update 3] Lynne Blankenbecker’s concession statement.

Note: endorsed Steve Negron for Congress.