Republicans wants people to prosper & pursue their dreams

To The Daily Sun,

Republicans pursue policies which enable Americans to prosper and pursue their American dreams. Democrat politicians pursue policies that seem only intended to get political support, even when those policies hurt many Americans.

President Obama observed that slow economic growth and high unemployment might be the “new normal” that manufacturing jobs and the days of high economic growth were gone forever. That was true under his Democrat policies which caused most poor and middle income Americans to grow poorer, putting 13 million more people on welfare; while the rich prospered.

President Trump’s Republican policies have already created a rapidly (4.2 percent GDP) growing economy offering good full-time jobs, a growing manufacturing sector, 2.9 percent wage growth last year, and record low unemployment rates. Four million people already have left the welfare rolls. There are more job openings than “unemployed” people, so workers have more opportunities for better jobs and income.

Children need, and deserve, decent educations to prepare for successful, independent lives. But America’s Democrat-controlled public education cheats millions of children out of their opportunity for a decent education.

Despite massive education spending, public education continues failing its responsibilities to over two million students (dropouts and inadequately educated graduates) annually.

In exchange for political support, Democrat politicians protect the failing public education establishment monopoly which steals the successful futures from so many children year after year, decade after decade.

Republicans believe our responsibility is to the children, not to an education provider which fails its responsibilities and refuses to improve. The Republican policy enables parents to direct the tax money collected for children’s education to the schooling that parents select for their child. When all children, not just the wealthy, can adequately prepare for successful futures, our whole society, not just the children, will benefit.
Democrat politicians learned that desperate people are reliable Democrat voters. That’s why the Democrat “safety net” traps people in poverty and dependency (unlike the Republican safety net, which is a springboard to new opportunities). Despite their faux compassionate claims, Democrat politicians aren’t incentivized to help people avoid or escape their desperate circumstances, so Democrat policies deny children good educations and deny workers good jobs.

Republicans know that we are all safer, freer, and more prosperous when everyone contributes to the extent of their abilities. Thus Republicans pursue policies that enable every American to get a good education, to have good job opportunities, to live in safe communities, and to be free to pursue their American dreams.

In November, voters can elect Democrats who fight for policies that make people poor and ignorant, or elect Republicans to continue the Republican policies which enable more people to prosper and pursue their dreams.

(H/T: Laconia Daily Sun)