Nashua’s Property Revaluation Lowers Tax Rate But Not Taxes

nashuacityhallNashua Mayor Donchess is quick to point out that the city had to do its recent property revaluation. It’s state law. And that’s true.

He was not ‘unhappy’ to report that as a result, the tax rate will go down. But that’s not good news because the dance is between the tax base and the budget. Juggling numbers don’t change the actual problem. Yes, some folks will see their tax bill decline slightly but most will see it rise. Not because of a forced revaluation but because no effort is made to cut spending.

Property tax bills beg those who pay them to consider what it is their government is doing with their money.

Activists, bureaucrats and politicians who want to take more so they can spend more but get less grief will promote any other tax in its place.

Do not accept that dance.

You will only end up working more to earn less.

If you think the property taxes are too high, don’t look for ways to hide the taxes. Find out where elected officials are spending your money. Inquire about waste. Abuse. Inefficiency. Question why a non-public school can better-educate children for a fraction of the cost per student?

We are already spending plenty; we’re just spending it poorly. If the people currently in office won’t look for reasonable solutions that provide real value for your dollars promise to replace them with someone who will. And then go out and make that happen.

| Union Leader