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Let Teachers Be Armed..But Lets Not ‘Arm Teachers’

edwardsThis is one of those rare occasions where I depart company with my fellow Groksters. This is hard for me to do. But it is one of those rare…very rare times where I sit here and think, “Guys, I  happen to think I am right here!” Eddie is right on this issue. Here’s the deal…

Eddie Edwards is the candidate I am going to support. I hope at the end of September 11, he will be the Republican nominee. Eddie is SOLIDLY pro-second amendment. Eddie is anti-big government. Please see this video for proper perspective.

First, I DO NOT support “arming teachers.”  OH NO! RICK OLSON DONE DRANK THE KOOL-AID!  No. I haven’t been drinking the Kool-Aid… So, What does that mean? Simple. Teachers…are agents of government, i.e. they work for the school system…the apparatchik…the local “Government.” Why on earth would I support issuing guns to teachers and having tax dollars added for training? Inevitably, we have now expanded the number of, “armed government agents for us to deal with on a daily basis.  When people say, “arm teachers,” they fail to see the devil in the details. And, I get it. We need to find the most effective way to protect our kids.  However, if teachers are going to have guns, the responsible thing to do is to have a reasonable and responsible pathway to do just that.

If we simply elect all the right people who make all the right 2A decisions so that teachers can be armed, but leave dead air space for implementation, the NEA will inevitably, corrupt, revile and denigrate an otherwise well-intentioned effort to the point of uselessness and a joke. The original goal of protecting children in our schools becomes frustrated and falls on the ash heap of mere tokenism.

You have to know that if this is mandated, the NEA will throw a wrench into it somehow, some way. Picture the New Hampshire Department of Education with a School Firearms Training division….If somebody’s cousin or brother-in-law needs a job, that adds another layer, not to mention, a fellow traveler will end up running the firearms program. Rules will be made by people who don’t want the guns, don’t like the guns, and the whole notion will be useless, costly and sad.

Look at Texas, for example. Texas isn’t as conservative as one might think. Yes, indeed, they are arming teachers…but, they also are, “making them, “School Marshals.” ergo, expanding government people with guns.  How is it that some Government agents with guns get their rings kissed by us, but not others?

Yes Indeed! LET teachers carry guns. Arm themselves. We as citizens do, don’t we? Let us elect the school boards willing create the guidelines and clear the barriers for the individual teacher to choose for himself or herself whether or not to carry a firearm!  I have been training quite a few teachers over the last couple of years. Not all teachers are left-wing Kool-Aid drinking nut jobs. Most are, but enough are not. And those are the responsible, sensible people that we can trust to bring guns to school.  They will take their own initiative and get the appropriate training.

Eddie Edwards came to Londonderry Fish & Game Club tonight (As did Andy Sanborn) and he articulated what I have stated above.  Quite clearly. Simply put, It is bad to expand the government agents who carry guns, worse when those government agents are teachers.

When I read the bosses’ rant, I thought, “I am going to disagree and  go to Hell for doing so.”  And, on the Grok Facebook page, Reader Bill O’Connor from Barrington makes this sobering point,

“Go to a town meeting with all the overzealous union teachers are beating up the residents for more money and tell me which ones of those you would give a state owned weapon and handgun training, (too).”

and Bill Also stated,

“Imagine NH teachers union with guns and arrest powers. Yea sounds great to me.

Boom. That comment hit me. Bill is 100% right.  Some of these teachers are plum nuts…off the rails, neurotic and emotional…Trump Derangement Syndrome lives large in many of our teachers.

There needs to be armed teachers…But lets not expand the advent of armed government agents for the sake of making that happen. There are level-headed responsible teachers that, when given the responsibility, will take on the yoke of protecting our kids.  I hesitate to say that because, when citizens carry, the focus is on personal protection of ones’ self and family. Teachers are at schools to teach, not be policemen or security guards. With that said, the individual teacher should be able to take a concealed firearm to school, no off-body carry, and have it when the attacker comes. There are firearms instructors literally coming out of the wood work, many who are competent to train people. The Second Amendment’s original check is on government, NOT on citizens. Therefore, CITIZENS should carry guns…who happen to also be teachers….Not making teachers armed agents of the government.

My colleague Rob Pincus from Personal Defense Networks discusses Arming Teachers…