Fake Hurricane News – CNN Busted

Anderson Cooper reports from hurricane ‘ravaged’ [insert name here] wearing waders and up to his waist in water. But that’s only because he chose to stand in a ditch along the side of the road.

His cameraman and technician, as you’ll see in the following image, are only up to their shins in water.

From Watts Up With That.

Yesterday we reported on the hilarious antics of Mike Seidel of The Weather Channel in his performance trying to stand up in wind while others strolled casually by in the background. That video has gone viral. Here’s another example of how media tries to make the storm look worse than it actually was.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was reporting live on the scene on a flooded road. And for effect, he stands in a ditch at the side of the road, about 3 feet lower.

CNN-florence-cooper-flood1-720x540 (1)

It’s bad, yes. There was a hurricane, yes. Being knee deep is a problem, and honest reporting would focus on that. But we’re talking about CNN.


They just keep making it up.

Scroll down to the end of the source post to check out a very amusing video made by local firefighters, making fun o of the media coverage.

Update from WUWT: (Update: It’s been said in comments this is from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or Ike in 2008, rather than Florence in 2018. No matter what year it was taken, the point is the same – [Anderson] Cooper made the event look worse than it is by standing in the ditch [where] the water is deeper only due to the ditch. …)

Still CNN. Still Fake News. And it’s not like they’ve stopped doing that sort of thing.