Democrat Coos County Vice Chair Resigns over Woodburn Scandal

If you don’t remember the name Ted Bosen, he’s the guy in some of the north country Democrat email threads I shared (here) who was offended by the way “The Party” treated an alleged victim of domestic abuse.

That and the Democrat establishment wagon circling around State Sen. Jeff Woodburn, arrested on 9 counts of domestic abuse, all for political purposes, if that’s not the same problem.

Now that Woodburn has easily survived a last-minute write-in primary challenge, and is on his way to the general election, (though as you’ll see it’s not the only reason) Ted Bosen has had enough. According to Ethan DeWitt, Bosen has submitted his resignation as both Berlin Democrat City Committee Chairman and Coos County Vice Chairman.

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First, a little background if you missed it.

Democrat State Sen. Jeff Woodburn is accused and has been arrested on 9 counts of domestic violence. The initial reaction by the leading lights on New Hampshire’s Left was that Woodburn should resign. Once the virtue signaling period (roughly 36-48 hours, they all turned their backs and went about their business because losing that Senate seat would bollox their chances of taking over the NH State Senate. A few faint voices cried out through that darkness to fall on deaf ears.

Well, not entirely. Someone shared some of these voices with me and sharing those riled a few feathers up yonder. That lead to more content exploring the inter-party war,  and the rampant hypocrisy of the power-hungry elites who abandoned their narrative the moment political influence was on the line.

A Democrat party establishment with members who by the sound of things were putting tremendous pressure on Woodburn’s accuser who is also active in party politics and had refused to abandon her role or her accusations just because a sitting State Senator was the perpetrator of the alleged abuse and accusing him might cost them the seat.

Mr. Bosen, clearly no longer willing to wade around in that swamp – at least by direct association – has executed a self-dismissal which makes for interesting reading. Not just because of what we know, but because of what we don’t know.


Ted Bosen Resignation

Can we add the governor’s race to this mess? Well, I guess we can. The silence from New Hampshire Democrat ‘women’ after the initial (what we can now safely assume was false) outrage regarding Mr. Woodburn is doubly deafening. Molly Kelly is most certainly a woman though she appears to be ‘presenting’ as someone who as Governor would happily ignore her own parties rhetoric and her potential for #MeToo Girl-Power action figure status to have another Democrat in “Her” State Senate even if it is Mr. Woodburn.

So where does that leave us?

I don’t know Ted from a bronze Obamacare health plan.  I can’t say as I care much for Ted’s “well-qualified” candidate. His support for Steve Marchand suggests that he advocates for a lot of policy priorities I’d object too in earnest. But Ted Bosen is one of the few Democrats that I’m aware of in New Hampshire who actually did something (publicly) when he could no longer stand the smell of his parties own hypocritical stench.

He took the party narrative on women seriously. To heart. Before the politics and in particular his role in the party.

That’s a rare thing and we should appreciate it.

Maybe he should have run for State Senate. It sounds like he could have given Woodburn a run for our money.


Original Tweet.

Hat Tip – Kimberly Morin for the tweet with the resignation letter attached!