Another datum supporting the idea that Climate Change is all about the $$ and not “degrees”

Who knew that there was a Bangkok climate change conference, not to talk about climate change, but to talk about our Benjamins? It seems this whole thing is about “your money becoming our money, you greedy developed nations!”. So who is really surprised at this….at all?

Meet fails to agree climate change rules

…Espinosa [UNFCCC Executive Secretary] said there was “limited progress” on the issue of contributions from developed nations to developing countries, adding that she is “hopeful” that future discussions will be productive because of the importance of the issue.

“On the core issues of forward-looking climate finance and the degree of flexibility developing countries should be given on the information and reporting requirements for national commitments under the Paris Agreement, negotiators were stalemated in Bangkok,” said a statement from Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists, a US-based activist group.

So it really wasn’t all about emissions (if you’ve been keeping up with this clap-trap, you already knew all this.  After all, the US has been lowering its emissions for years WITHOUT Govt or pseudo-treaties that international groups have been using like Lilliputians. And here’s the main “gimme, gimme, gimme”:

…But he said wealthy and developed countries “led by the United States and including countries such as Australia, Japan and even the European Union” refused to clearly show “how much money they are going to provide and how that is going to be counted”.

Activists were critical of Washington’s lobbying at the meeting, especially because President Donald Trump has announced plans to have the US withdraw from the Paris pact, which had been heavily promoted by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The US has announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement but still negotiates as if it is a party, weakening international co-operation by not contributing to finance and technology transfer to developing countries,” Meena Raman, legal adviser at Third World Network, said in an emailed statement.

It seems like the kiddies are all upset and throwing tantrums because Daddy Moneybags has closed its giveaway window. Oh sure, it’s all wrapped up nicely in that diplo-speak we see all the time but the message is just as clear as a bell: how DARE you keep from us what is rightfully ours because CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

(H/T: WattsUpWithThat)