What You Didn’t Know About National Defense, Obama, and Amazon.com

Maybe you know this; perhaps you do not. But before Mr. Obama retired from the Oval Office, he had a deal cooking to give Amazon.com a sole-source one-vendor contract to manage and control the entire US Defense Department Cloud. One ring to rule them all.

No redundancy. No backups. Just Amazon. Arranged by a guy named Deap Ubhi, hired by Obama, and planted in a serpentine new department of techs doing progressive techie things from their techie swamp, for their former employers. Ubhi spun the Amazon deal. Ubhi’s last job was Amazon Web Services, the Cloud Storage arm.

Like a lot of Swamp creatures, he exists as a result of both Democrats monopoly 2008-2010 budget-busting, department doubling chicanery, and the Obama Administration using nearly endless funds with no oversight to create Inception-like departments within departments within departments.

Ubhi’s gubbmint job?

Trump is currently in the midst of an additional round of small-bore house cleaning. But the Deep State is very, very un-shallow and inordinately un-narrow – and oh-so-much-more culling needs to be done.

To give but two sub-departmental examples:

Behold the United States Digital Service (USDS). And the Defense Department’s portion thereof: The Defense Digital Service (DDS).

The Trump Administration has left these government nooks and crannies nigh completely un-cleansed. So they remain entirely populated by Barack Obama Administration holdovers.

And as we have seen time and time and time again – Obama holdovers make really bad, heinously crony policy.

Bezos hating Trump and his Amazon empire were getting a monopoly deal as the Cloud storage Mecca for the US Department of Defense.  Note, that I said, were.

Thankfully, the Donald Trump Administration Defense Department backed away from the Barack Obama Administration-inherited Amazon monopoly brink.

Breaking: Amazon’s Defense Dept Cronyism Comes Under Trump Administration Review:

“It sounds like (Defense Department Chief Information Officer [CIO] Dana) Deasy – is Trump’s DoD Swamp Buster.  And nowhere is the DoD Swampier – than in Amazon’s cozy, crony little JEDI cloud computing backwater.

“And Mister Deasy’s process – in just about a week – appears to have led him to not like very much the ten-year-monopoly contract Amazon’s ex-employee was about to hand Amazon.”

So the redundant departments with their redundant departments wanted to offload the entire DoD cloud to a single course vendor via a former employee of that vendor.

Nothing sneaky about that.

We can only hope that this discovery will lead to a cleansing of the Departments in question not just of their Obama era cronies but their existence as departments altogether.

The mission creeps should see their responsibilities crept into other departments and their office space vacated. Think of it as saving the planet, if it makes you feel better. All those latte-slurping, laptop using, late-office-hour occupational progressives can go back to the tech companies that spawned them of try funemployment for a while.

I hear that’s supposed to be good for the economy. Funemployment, I mean. Especially when the decruitment takes a few million annually of the backs of taxpayers.

Here’s to hoping that happens and there’s a lot more of it.