Notable Quote – Kimberly Ross on “Christine Hallquist”

Reformatted, emphasis mine:

On Tuesday, Christine Hallquist won the Democratic primary in the state of Vermont and is officially the party’s gubernatorial candidate. Such a win would normally not receive much attention at all. However, Hallquist, who spent most of his life by the given name ‘David’, now lives as a transgender woman. As we’re well aware, that in itself launches him to a place of prominence among Leftists. As an actual, biological female, I find such obsessions not only irritating but downright insulting.

Hallquist was not born a female, has not lived life as a female, and, despite hormonal manipulation, surgical mutilation, and cosmetic changes is still not a female. Nor shall he ever be one. Celebrating his victory as a female is an artificial attempt at inclusion, and actual women should loudly reject it.  It’s ironic (or maybe not) that a Leftist worldview, which so often includes disparaging remarks against The Patriarchy, would wholeheartedly embrace a male’s attempt to claim the mantle of femininity for himself. Is that not the height of domination? Must those with XY chromosomes intrude on our XX land, place a flag, and claim they’ve conquered a new territory?

It is nothing but a mockery of what’s natural, and I will counter it at every turn.

 Because of the focus on the superficial, there is a shocking lack on interest when it comes to the substance of the candidate himself….

…As I’ve stated before, I feel for those individuals dealing with gender dysphoria. The disconnect between what they see in the mirror and what they feel must truly be heartbreaking. However, as with other mental delusions, we should not support treatment that seeks to mask the problem or trick the afflicted with an alternate reality. By prescribing extreme physical and hormonal changes, we’re doing the opposite of what needs to be done. Of course, adults are free to make their own decisions, but I believe this artifice does more damage in the long run.

It remains to be seen whether Hallquist will be victorious against the incumbent, Republican Governor Phil Scott. In the Leftist stronghold of Vermont, Scott, who enjoys high popularity, is a favorite among Democrats. It would be quite the feat for the Democratic candidate to pull off a win in the general election. That hasn’t been done to an incumbent in that New England state since the early 1960s. If so, a man presenting himself as a woman will have made history.

Even as the tide begins to shift toward not just acceptance but blanket praise of transgenderism, this biological female will continue to speak the truth.

After all, someone must.

What’s worse is that the Left and the militant LGBTQRSTUV crowd (again, the caveat: I have no intention on keeping up with “The Letters of the Day”) is demanding that the rest of us totally and positively affirm gender dysphoria.  No one should be forced, by dint of government, to change their outlook on basic facts of Life – someone who is XY can never, ever be XX.

But Ross is correct – the Left’s version of “diversity” is only skin-deep and mirror-thin: it’s about all they got for intellectual philosophy so that’s the obsession with the “superficial”.  They’ve magnified it FAR above where it should be in the totem pole of real discussion.

They claim these folks are brave (I agree with Ross’s use of the “heartbreaking”) – well, is it “brave” when the Left both DEMANDS and EXTRACTS retribution against anyone that dare stick their head up and says “No further with this?”.  No, of course not. Like everything else that the Progressives get into, brave turns inside out – one must be brave to speak out about something that is obviously not true.

(H/T: RedState)