NH House Candidate Denny Ruprecht is Jeff Woodburn’s Campaign Manager. What Did He know, and When Did He Know it?

Denny Ruprecht Jr. (pictured above, far left) is quite the Progressive political climber. He’s hob-knobbed with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, retiring Democrat Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and for several months he was a finance intern for CD-2 Democrat Ann Kuster. And he’s only a Freshman at UNH.

Dennis ‘Denny’ Ruprecht is also a candidate for State Representative for Grafton District 15, and he is State Sen. Jeff Woodburn‘s Campaign manager (May of 2016 – Present). Woodburn has been arrested for multiple counts of domestic and sexual abuse.

So what did Denny know and when did he know it?

Dennis Ruprecht Linked In

That’s the question for Deny it ‘Denny’ Ruprecht.

We know that he is very politically connected and very active in both the politics and the “principles” of the Democrat party.

We know that he can spin a working-class yarn like the best of them. His ‘Why I’m Running’ copy is a well-written tale about his commitment to the North Country.

We also know that can’t possibly be true. His allegiance is to a party whose highest priority is to elect candidates that will work to accumulate money and power first in Concord, and then inside the DC beltway.

He is a member of the party that honors serail sex-abusers with Kennedy-Clinton Dinners. The party of the Wieners and Weinsteins and Woodburn, Oh My!

We know that despite being embedded like a tick in Jeff Woodburn’s political career for several years, we will be expected to believe that Denny never knew or suspected a thing about Mr. Woodburn’s alleged abuses.

We can speculate that whatever he did know he did what Democrats are very good at doing. He said and did nothing because Woodburn’s political presence in the State Senate was more critical to the party and the agenda than the woman or women he is accused of abusing.

Voters in Grafton County District 15 might want to consider that in their deliberations as election day approaches, especially when “Deny It ‘Denny’ Ruprecht” plays dumb to salvage this opportunity at getting into the game.

Denial is what allowed the Kennedys, Clintons, and Weinsteins of the Democrat firmament to operate unchallenged for years. It is what allowed Woodburn to continue his alleged abuse unhindered. Abuse so likely to be fact that State Democrat party Chair Ray Buckley demanded his resignation before the New Hampshire AG had even announced the arrest and the charges.

What did Denny know and when did he know it?

If Woodburn donated to his House Race, which I suspect he has, when will he return the money?

And how can we believe anything another Democrat party climber says, ever, about anything?

We can’t.