NH Firearms Safety Coalition presents Massod Ayoob – Parts 1 & 2

Following the intro remarks by Ralph Demicco and Tom Brown, Massod Ayoob took to the podium.  A internationally recognized expert in training, speaking, and writing about firearms and the safety concerns, he gave a serious talk about how local retailers and firearm instructor could recognize the signs that someone is looking to end their lives with a firearm.

Instead of turning to government for “answers”, the NHFSC and others like Mr. Ayoob are looking for the industry to actively become engaged in this topic without it being politicized, compromised, or co-opted.  Their mission is education and it was clear that Mr. Ayoob was centered in this mission.

Part 2 after the jump.  I URGE you, whether you are of the “my cold, dead hands” crowd or the “confiscate them all” side, watch the PSA and listen to Mr. Ayoob:

Previous Videos:

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