Minnesota’s Minimum Wage Hike Costing Kids Jobs

Broken record, meet Minnesota.

Employment in fast-food restaurants in Minnesota and Wisconsin were growing at the same rate in 2014. The rate of growth in employment in the fast-food sectors in Minnesota and Wisconsin began diverging around the same time Minnesota began raising the minimum wage, Williams said.

“In total, from July 2014 to May 2018, employment at fast-food restaurants grew by 4.8 percent in Minnesota, but by 8.8 percent in Wisconsin,” he said. “While other factors may have played a role, the timing of the trend break suggests that the minimum-wage increases in Minnesota accounted for much of this four percentage-point gap.”

I won’t repeat myself. Instead, I’ll direct you to our archives, and stories on the Minimum wage. With opinion, news, and some history about this act of government overreach.

The Left’s motivations have never been honorable and reality continues to refuse to match their rhetoric.

Low and no-skilled workers hit hardest.