Eddie Edwards – Excerpt From Remarks at an Aug. 9th, House Party

I had the opportunity to capture some video at a House Party for Eddie Edwards. He is running for Congress in NH congressional district one.

I did run into a few issues and not just with the lighting. Some of the video was inaccessible after the fact. Some is just missing, even though the device was recording. So his complete remarks are not available. Instead, I’ll be editing what I have salvaged into 3 to 4-minute snippets.

A new SD card is in order, and I’m not discounting user error. Issues we’ll have resolved in short order because Skip has ordered a Padcaster set up like the one featured here. Once we get past the learning curve, I’ll be better able to capture and deliver these sorts of events to our audience.

As for the matter at hand, I have a few more of these segments to process and post so check back for more but here’s the first snippet. It’s just over three minutes.