Cornerstone Releases Its 2018 Legislative Scorecard

Cornerstone has released its scorecard for the 2018 Legislative session.

Cornerstone’s 2018 legislative scorecard selects 14 roll call votes in the New Hampshire Senate and 18 roll call votes in the House from the 2017-18 legislative session. The Raw Score is the score that most closely reflects how the actual percentage a legislator’s votes aligned with Cornerstone’s agenda. 

Three State Senators and twenty-five members of the NH House earned a 100% ‘Heroes of the Family’ Rating.

Republican State Senator Dan Innis scored the lowest on the GOP majority Senate with 50%.

No Democrat Senator scored higher than (just over) 14% with most just over 7%. This from voting favorably on legislation relating to either Gamling or Prostitution but nothing else.

Two Democrats on the House side scored 33.33%, followed by a number of Dems in the low twenties. Most of the party of the left couldn’t manage to get above 10% with the majority falling below 6%.

Mixed in are far too many Republicans with low marks on the Constitution, gambling, gender, or life issues.

Efforts are underway by groups like the 603 Alliance, to improve those numbers by replacing the worst of the worst pseudo-Republicans, often referred to as RINO’s, with more constitutionally aligned candidates. For that to be effective Republicans need to turn out for the upcoming primary and vote for these low tax, liberty, and family oriented candidates.

Here’s the PDF Scorecard from Cornerstone. You can also download an Excel spreadsheet showing specific votes by your legislators here.