BlogQuestion of the Day: Fine for me but not for the unwashed and definately unwanted Deplorables and Clingers?

If it’s illegal for a family owned bakery to ban people from its property based on their religious beliefs, should it also be illegal for Facebook to ban conservatives based on their political beliefs?

Let me make sport of atheistic Progressives for a moment (see!  an Object Lesson like I learned in Sunday School).  Religious beliefs are protected under the First Amendment.  So is the Freedom of Association.  Most Democrats are “unchurched” to quite a large degree according to most polls.  Yet, we know that most Democrats approach politics with religious fervor all of its own. But aren’t they the ones that have been behind and created most of these “anti-discrimination” statutes and regulations.

So, are they going to political Hell for breaking their own dogma on discriminating according to belief systems?

To Conservatives, they have condemned themselves by their own words.  That said, I guess that when the finger points backward, they’re exactly the same as the “Back Row Baptists” – there to be seen.  You may know them by another moniker “stolen” from the church folks: “Sunday Morning pew sitters” – party hardy all week long but they’re there in their self-righteous garb first thing Sunday morning even if they have to crawl over the threshold of the sanctuary and climb up into the pew.

Same difference – none at all.

Or, you just could say, like the Sunday Morning pew sitters – the Dems don’t believe in the Bible Constitution and its teachings/precepts?

Naw, they’re just like political Islamists: Islam really means submission – to us!

(H/T: New Hampshire Conservative Majority Project )