Violent Crime Survey – Democrat Cities Are Murder

Violent Crime Survey

The Truth About Guns (H/T to Susan Olsen) is reporting on the most recent Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) report on violent crime in major US cities. And unless you are a liberal water-carrier not a lot of explanation for this is needed.

And when we break down the top 20 cities at the top of the list, a few illuminating (although not-so-surprising) facts emerge:

  • 80% of the top 20 Deadliest American Cities are run by Democrats
  • 100% of the top 10 Deadliest Cities in America are… you guessed it: run by Democrats

Violent Cities Run by DemocratsThese are the places with all the “gun laws.” And these are the places where people are most likely to be victims of violent crime. And the top ten are not just run by Democrats but have been “owned” politically by Democrats from decades to more than a century.

They have had complete control over policy.

A curious mind might ask how the wellspring of ideological public safety sold by the left could run for so long and not just fail to deliver on their gun-control promises but create the most violent places in America.

Conservatives, Libertarians, Conservatarians, and more than few independents understand. Human nature tells us that when you create victims by force of law those inclined to prey upon them will embrace the gift given to them by the ruling class.

The strong will take advantage of the weak.

You’d think the so-called party of science and evolution would understand that. Well, maybe they do. Maybe that’s exactly the point. Despite the promises, law enforcement can’t possibly protect them. That’s not even their purpose. Their job is to catch criminals after they commit crimes.

Disarming the populace and even punishing people who try to defend themselves doesn’t stop violent crime it invites it.

Maybe voters and victims should stop making excuses for over a century of failed policy and ask their Democrat masters to let them protect themselves?

No, they won’t get permission. They’ll get knife bans and exhortations to young women to travel in groups and never after dark. Perhaps even curfews. Not that any of that will work. In fact, it will do the opposite. Criminals will ignore the new rules and while previously law-abiding citizens, having had their liberties eroded, will be turned into criminals.

Like all things, no matter what liberals claim the opposite is true. So, these prohibitions are not about your safety. They are about protecting the ruling class monopoly on force and power. Casualties are not just expected, they are required.

Here’s the cited Report.