US Senator from NH (Representing Non-resident College Students) Is Interested in “Russian” Meddling?

Jeanne Shaheen

Not long ago, US Senator Jeanne Shaheen would barely open her mouth about anything in DC other than to announce how much free Federal money she could steer to our state. Suddenly, she is a foreign intelligence hound dog. Tax and Spend Jeanne wants the transcripts of President Trump’s private meeting with Putin.

President Trump excused from the meeting staff that would typically sit in on (but possibly leak) conversations from a private meeting with Mr. Putin. Trump did this so he could talk to Putin in confidence. Smart move now that we know our revered intelligence community elites tapped his communications.

If Jeanne Shaheen is so interested in communications with the Russian government now, where was she in 2011? The US had communications with Russian Intelligence right before the bombing at the marathon in Boston.

“Citing a congressional report, it said could be released by the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee as soon as Thursday, NBC News said the Russian intelligence agency FSB cabled the FBI about its concerns in March 2011, warning that Tsarnaev was known to have associated with militant Islamists.”

The Russian Intelligence Agency FSB repeatedly tried to warn the FBI’s Robert Mueller about the bombers – he didn’t seem all that interested.

“The network said the FBI opened an investigation of Tsarnaev that month conducted by a joint task force of federal, state and local authorities. Tsarnaev was interviewed in person, and a memo was sent to the Customs and Border Protection database called TECS that would trigger an alert whenever he left or re-entered the United States.

But the investigation was closed in June 2011 after finding Tsarnaev had no links to terrorism, NBC quoted the report as saying.”

The CIA Director Leon Panetta missed the memo – or didn’t care to investigate in greater detail, Russian Intelligence Agency cables warning of potential terrorists.

“In September 2011, the FSB sent a cable to the CIA, restating the warnings of the first memo. NBC News quoted sources close to the congressional investigation as saying a second note about Tsarnaev was entered into the TECS system the next month but spelled his name “Tsarnayev.”

Homeland Security Director John Brennan missed the memo. Did Senator Jeanne Shaheen miss the memo as well?

Here is part of her official website:

Committees: Foreign Relations

As a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Shaheen is committed to helping build strong international alliances to bolster America’s national security and boost our economy.

If only we had a laugh track for blogs.

Jeanne “2% Sales Tax” Shaheen is a lightweight leftist. She had a chance to do something positive for her country and state while occupying a public office in Washington’s Swamp, but she is just a shill for Schumer, Pelosi, and the other leftists entrenched in DC.

Here is her website:

She poses as a Conservative Republican with NH values but is far from it.

Shaheen was a co-author of the Dream Act.

She fought President Trump’s travel ban.

And now she jumps on the “Resist” movement’s efforts to remove President Trump from office with this nonsensical request for testimony from his interpreter.

How sad is that?