RRftSotRP – I get stuff. Third lesson: “I won’t participate with Republicans…”

NH GOP Republican State CommitteeToday is going to be a very busy day, so just a quick continuing thought on the missive I received that was ‘preached’ at a still fairly recent GOP meeting.  The author, I remind you, admonished the assembled crowd that they were “not allowed” to audio or video record their speech……then left handouts of the talking points on a table.

This is how I and the other Groksters end up getting stuff because stupenagels still believe that when you ask, secrets are kept.  Yeah, especially in this Internet age. And when you leave stuff openly on a table.

RRftSotRP Missive - back - 600 Part 2

To the first part: let’s make this real easy and get to the root cause.  It is not because people don’t support Trump, do support Trump; it does, however, all come back to this basic fact:

Winning is only a precursor; what you do afterwards is more important

The author fails to either list this deliberately or doesn’t understand the ramifications. Put it this way – what do you believe in?  Or not? And if you call yourself a Republican, what do those voting for you expect you to do? Er, yeah – act like one.  Talk like one. Legislate like one. Vote like one.

And how does one do this?  It ain’t rocket science, ladies and gentlemen as it really is pretty easy but you have to pass this really strict test:

Can you read and understand what you read?

There, I said it.  What is it that you have to read?  Try the NH Constitution first – it is rather clearly written.  Then the US Constitution – a bit more elaborate, needs a bit higher reading comprehension because the guys that wrote it expected you to THINK HARD about what it says and MEANS. That said, remember this – they wrote it so that the ordinary citizen of the time could find it comprehensible.  Maybe that’s part of the difficulty in today’s politics especially on the Right – they fail to do this task either because “it’s too hard and time consuming”, they don’t get it at all, or they’re part of the folks here who just don’t care (“NH State Rep. Sandra Keans (R, now D): “I don’t try to justify anything by the Constitution, it’s not my job and I don’t want to do it”.”)

What the author doesn’t get is that many of us decide to “Not participate” because many Republicans are frauds – they assume the mantle and then vote badly.  No, it isn’t the vaunted 80% they keep using as a threshold – it’s 70%, 60%, 50%, or even in the 40%.  Or vote mostly well and then take a dive off the high board on issues that are REALLY important to the base: religious freedom, Medicaid Expansion, raising taxes (yes, Republicans DO raise taxes), increase the size of government,…..you get the idea.

And yet, we’re supposed to swallow all that, pat ourselves on the shoulders, and anoint ourselves with “there, there, you’re a good Republican Republican for the Sake of the Republican Party” because you sat down, shut up, and voted how you were told because the Republican Establishment and Leadershipship was whipping you to do so?

Screw that, ladies and gents.  Violate that those three standards and then tell me that I’m wrong, and then you get this in return.  The author is well known in Republican circles and fits both being a GOPe-er, well, I’ll stop there.  The author must be fuming at this point – I care not a whit.

Don’t harangue others when the GOPe won’t meet their own standards and we refuse to follow you into the abyss.  Don’t bother to figure out the root cause issues causing you problems. Simply yelling at us for those failures only gets us to thinking:

Why is the author being so strange?

Note: I guess I’ll get to the second part of that later.