Poll are saying that Democrats are the least patriotic Americans. They’ll hate this little clip

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Can’t get a lot more patriotic than this – and from Hollywood, too!  That is, the Hollywood of yore when actors actually (GASP!) served in the US military). As to the Gallup poll:

Gallup - Proud to be Americans

The results, predictably, paralleled party lines. Republicans boasted an impressive 74 percent — an all-time high. Democrats weighed in at only 32 percent — an all-time low.

So, less than one-quarter of Liberals are proud of being an American? And being a college grad means being less patriotic than others?

Extremely Proud to Be an American, by Subgroup

2013 2015 2016 2017 2018
% % % % %
Men 59 56 53 51 51
Women 55 52 50 51 44
White 61 58 54 55 54
Nonwhite 47 45 45 44 33
18 to 29 55 43 34 43 33
30 to 49 53 52 51 51 42
50 to 64 61 58 64 50 56
65 and older 61 64 55 60 58
College graduate 53 51 47 47 39
Noncollege graduate 59 55 54 54 52

Gosh, I just CAN’T under stand why.  Oh wait, I do, and have been saying the same thing for years:

“This is symptomatic, though, of a culture that’s taught generations our history is bad; the men and women who made this country are evil; [and] there’s dark shadows that need to be considered. And it [has] cast a pall over their appreciation of what it means to be an American,” said Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo to host Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News Tuesday night.

“This is the cultural fallout when you take statues down, when you rip historical figures away without putting them in a proper context, this is what you get,” he added. “This is what you get [after] generations of public schooling, where we don’t learn about the Founding [Fathers], the greatness of our framers, our Constitution, our Declaration [of Independence]. It’s like every other country, except it’s worse,” said Ingraham.

Daily Caller nails “Liberal Patriotism”:

Democrats are somewhat proud when they’re in power and not very proud when they’re not.

Translation: it isn’t Patriotism that drives the Socialists, it is Power, pure and simple.  They are proud when THEY have the ability to boss other people around and not the ideals that form American Exceptionalism.

Powerline adds another nuance:

College grads have more pride in their country than Democrats and liberals do, but considerably less than Americans as a whole. 39 percent of them say they are extremely proud to be American. Given the heavy dose of harsh criticism of our country, and in some cases raw anti-Americanism, students are fed during their undergraduate years, it’s perhaps surprising that the number who are extremely proud of their country is as high as 39 percent.

It’s lower for Americans in the 18-29 age bracket. The figure for this cohort is just 33 percent.

That group consists of recent college graduates, current college students, and non-college grads. The young graduates and current students are, by most accounts, receiving stronger indoctrination than was inflicted even in the 1990s and the first decade of this century. And nowadays, the drumbeat begins before the college years.

(H/T: Gallup via Powerline with help from Lifezette, Daily Caller)

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