Palate Cleanser: Sometimes it’s nice to taunt spammers

Email Doodlings

From: “Email ADMIN” <>
Sent: 7/4/2018 6:43:09 PM
Subject: NOTIFICATION – Storage Full


Your email has used up the storage limit of 99.9 gigabytes as defined by your Administrator. You will be blocked from sending and receiving messages if not re- validated within 48hrs.
Kindly click on your email below for quick re-validation and additional storage will be updated automatically

E-mail Support 2018.

Really?  I know I have about 20 GB in email – I’m such a packrat!  But really, 99.9 GB? So I asked

because I was rather confused

But I AM my email Administrator – what do you know that I don’t?

– Skip

Darn, I never heard back….

by Skip

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