GrokPoll Results: Abortion in New Hampshire

polling-researchThanks to the 471 participants who took the time to cast votes in our latest GrokPoll: Abortion in New Hampshire.

Here’s a quick story before I post the results, which you can also see here.

I made two attempts to boost this poll on Facebook. It was a genuine attempt to get as wide an audience as possible. A bigger broader sample. The audience was ‘New Hampshire.’

Facebook refused both times. I’m not entirely certain but I think the word abortion is a problem for them. Or maybe they thought ‘Poll’ was some derogatory term for Polish?

I am ‘authenticated’ for “political posts” so that’s not it. And while I could have contested it the boost was only for 24 hours so by the time I got through that process It would have been too late.

I tried.

Each “guest” could make three selections for their one vote. There are 38 “other votes” which I am (with apologies) still trying to display.  The parameters are set to display ‘other’ votes in the results but I’m not getting that outcome. We may need to up our game and get a premium version of this plug-in in the near future to resolve

I’ll add those if and when I pry them loose.

Here are the results. (click image to enlarge)

GrokPoll- Abortion 7-2018