EPA Admin Scott Pruitt’s Resigns, Left Applauds: Wait, His Replacement is Worse

EPAWe liked Scott Pruitt. He was our kind of EPA Administrator. The kind that does more to get the bureaucracy out of the way of the states and the people and their rainwater runoff, ponds, and so on.

The left, inclined as they are toward Federal oversight of everything (because you can’t trust all the states to agree to your central planning regime) hated him.

So when their relentless efforts to purge him bore fruit, they were happy until they realized his successor, the Deputy Administrator, Andrew Wheeler is probably less of what they want than was Pruitt.

The Federalist has a lengthy catalog of tweets suggesting Wheeler will be a nightmare which based on my rules for government administrators makes him the best possible choice.

If the left is losing their mind, then he’s my guy.

The Federalist piece closes with this.

The conclusion: Wheeler has all of the same environmental positions as Pruitt, but he’s much smarter at navigating Beltway politics. This is reason to be terrified.

It’s as if they expect a Republican president to appoint people who will carry out Democratic policies, and believe that Republican conservation policies are not merely strategies that some people think are more effective of accomplishing mutual goals, but evilly intended earth destruction plans. That’s a pretty offensive, mean-spirited assumption, but apparently it’s widespread on one side of the political aisle.

Democrats want their way, and they won’t stop doing whatever it takes until they get it. That’s how they got Wheeler, for however long he lasts under the constant onslaught from the party of civility.