Dr. James H. Kelly, M.D. – candidate for NH State House, Hillsborough County District 27

Note: Lt. Col Dr. Kelly is running against  dinosaur RINO, Carolyn Gargasz.  More on this pestilent RINO after the jump.  In the meantime, PLEASE vote for Dr. Kelly!

James Kelly Hillsborough 27

James H. Kelly, M.D.

84 Crestwood Drive, Hollis NH 03049 cell 603•204•7897
Republican candidate for State Representative, Hillsborough County District 27

  • 66 years old, originally from Levittown, New York
  • Bachelor’s degree, University of Vermont
  • M.D. University of Bologna
  • Residency in Family Practice, University of Wisconsin
  • Primary care physician began practicing in Hillsborough county in 1989, Hollis resident since 1999
  • Lieutenant Colonel, New Hampshire Army National Guard, commissioned 2010
  • Deputy Commander for Clinical Services for the state of New Hampshire
  • 2012 deployed Operation Enduring Freedom; 2015 Operation Spartan Shield


  • Second Amendment rights
  • SB2
  • Right to Work legislation
  • Local control of education
  • School choice
  • Defunding Planned Parenthood
  • Improvement of business climate in New Hampshire
  • Tort reform, Medicaid contraction


  • Broad-based sales tax
  • Broad-based income tax
  • Common core curriculum
  • Federally mandated unfunded programs

Volunteer activities / memberships

  • Hollis NH Post 11373 Veterans of Foreign Wars – Post Surgeon
  • Member of New Hampshire Medical Society
  • Member of St. Joseph Hospital Medical Staff
  • Board of Directors of National Guard Association of the United States, NH chapter
  • Communicant of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Nashua
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee, Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Volunteer medical provider, Front Door Agency, Nashua

Since 2003, Jim has been happily married to Amy, whom he wed because “she is beautiful and knows stuff.”

Also see the video of Jim’s presentation to the Hollis town GOP on Saturday July 21st


Again, PLEASE rid us of this pestilent priest RINO – and here’s the Whys:

here, here, here, here, here (note that she’s only a 55% Republican so forget about that silly 80% schtick), here (giving NH a state income tax), here (telling us she doesn’t believe there’s a difference between men and women),here,here (YOU have to pay for Medicaid Expansion “gender reassignment” surgery),here, here (showing her baby killing instincts),here (hates parental notification),here (rates an “F” from Americans for Prosperity),here (made the State House a gun free zone),here (hates school choice),here (voted to give illegal aliens in-state tuition privileges),here (voted for Obamacare here in NH),here (voted to raise the gas tax costing you more at the pump),here (hates Right To Know) – and this is just the first page of searching for her just on GraniteGrok; trust me, we’ve been writing about her RINOism for years). The only good side to her is that she’s mostly a no-show.