Do They Sell the Ocasio-Cortez Socialist Makeover ‘Kit’ on QVC?

Alexandria Cortez
Alexandria Cortez YouTube video screen grab

The new face of the Democrat party civil war, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, wasn’t always the stylized portrait of the Socialist we know her as today. A few years ago she was a budding entrepreneur with a different dream.

Sometime between 2011 and 2018, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was transformed from an earnest and nerdy wannabe entrepreneur into a glamorous radical crusader for socialism, the delusion-of-the-moment that has captured the imagination of the malcontent demographic slice of America.

Thomas Lifson has some video at American Thinker of the nerdy entrepreneur named Alexandria.

Lifson also points out that almost no one had viewed this video even after her “stunning upset” over Beltway creature Joe Crowley in a Democrat primary.

And for some reason, when I accessed the 2011 video embedded below yesterday, I was only the 770th person to view it on YouTube, which is stunning considering the amount of coverage she has received in the media. It’s almost as if the word went out to shun the video. Today, after my colleague Monica Showalter linked to the video yesterday, it still has under 3,000 views.

Ocasio-cortz campaing posterIt’s over 6400 views now, and that will rise as bloggers, pundit, and others discover it and then ‘debate’ its relevance or value.

For our purposes, we’ll stick to the premise of Tom Lifson’s piece. “Who turned the nerd into a socialist icon depicted in her campaign posters.”

This is classic socialist propaganda kitsch.

The hair, looking up and to the left.

The image placement, colors, font style. It screams Central American Workers Party savior or boxing match. Not that there’s much difference.


Lifson adds,

I don’t know who got ahold of young Ms. Ocasio Cortez and paid for the makeover, but it was someone who understands the manipulation of the “masses” (as they describe their targeted dupes) very well.

The worldview she advocates is a lie. We know that she is willing to be deceptive about her socialist street cred. And her campaign posters are no different. Which leads me to a few predictions.

She’ll win her congressional race because losing in that district in unthinkable for a Democrat. She will be invited to speak at the 2020 DNC Convention. The New York State Senate will follow as quickly as can be managed and after that our Latina Obama will be on a short list as a presidential contender. Probably 2024.

That’s what she’s looking at in the poster. That promising future (up there to her left) is for her.

She’ll tell you it’s about the workers, immigrants, people of color, etc., and many believe her, but that’s a lie too.