CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – NH’s Executive Council candidates: Jane Cormier and Jim Beard

CNHTTo be honest, I would have thought a few more prospective Republican candidates would have shown up at the CNHT Annual Taxpayer Picnic:

  • Like my Exec. Councilor, Joe Kenney who has a primary with Kim Strathdee in District 1 (yes, my personal “please vote for Joe Kenney”)
  • Russell Prescott (who went to the Dark Side by proposing a whopping increase in the highway toll taxes – maybe that’s why he was a no-show)
  • Ted Gatsas – guess “His Honor” decided that CNHT was a bit too low to visit

BUT!  Jim Beard who is running unopposed in District 2 showed up and Jane Cormier, the soon to be “Singing Councilor” (Sidenote: She will be singing the national anthem at the beginning of the Manchester Fisher Cat game on August 3rd.) were present and willing to speak to the crowd:


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