603 Alliance Update and a Special Offer if You’d Like to Attend the NHLA Liberty Dinner

603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit

The 603 Alliance is working to help elect more Constitutionally Driven Republicans to New Hampshire House.

In their latest email update, they’ve got news on that front as well as an offer to get 10% off tickets to the NHLA Liberty Dinner this Sunday, in Bedford, New Hampshire.

They’ve also got info on an upcoming SDGANH Event.

Candidate Training

The 603 Alliance has been busy working with State Rep candidates.  Our two “Campaign Foundations” trainings were attended by a total of more than 60 candidates.  This month we are holding an Issues Briefing Summit, a Webinar on the State Budget, and the first in a series of bi-weekly conference calls. In addition, our third Campaign Foundations training will take place on July 31st and August 1st.  All trainings are by invitation for eligible candidates.  If you know someone who is running for State Rep, please encourage them to contact us at info@603alliance.org.

NHLA Liberty Dinner – This Sunday

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA) is holding its annual Liberty Dinner this coming Sunday, July 15th at Murphy’s Carriage House in Bedford. This year the event will focus on the importance of the Fourth Amendment and the right to privacy. Privacy was chosen as the central theme to highlight the passage of a potential New Hampshire constitutional amendment (NH CACR16) that will be on the ballot for voters in November. If the amendment passes by 2/3 of the vote, the right to privacy will be enshrined in the NH Constitution.

 The keynote speaker will be Julian Sanchez, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and an expert on privacy. His talk will cover the history of the Fourth Amendment, from British common law to the present, and will discuss challenges civil liberties and the Fourth Amendment face in the age of technology. Mr. Sanchez has interviewed Edward Snowden and has been a contributor to Ars TechnicaWired, andReason magazine.

To get tickets, visit libertydinner.com and enter promo code LIBERTYDINNER_603A_2018 for 10% off the ticket price. Hope to see you there!

Enjoy a Round of Golf and Support the SDGA-NH

The SDGANH is a great new organization that supports elected school boards and budget committees in effectively representing their constituents and pushing back against the “rubber stamp” mentality that is prevalent among many of our local school boards.  The SDGA is holding a golf tournament on Saturday, August 18th at Stonebridge Country Club in Goffstown.  If you are a golfer and want to support SDGA while enjoying a fun day out with your friends, check out the event page here.