Will Democrats Try to Run On An Economy That’s Not Supposed To Be This Good?

Mark Fernald Wants an Income taxCan Democrats run for office in 2018 on recent economic success? There are media narratives in place. The problem with liberals and their narratives, however, is that they are bound only in the moment without regard to anything that came before or after.

So, when it comes to the Economy and the 2018 Elections, the Trump haters have a problem.

According to them,

  • Trump’s election was destined to doom the economy, crash the stock market, (and even start a nuclear war). Didn’t happen
  • Trump’s economic reforms would hurt American workers. Didn’t happen.
  • Republican Tax Reform was a sop to big business, and no Democrat supported it. It wasn’t, they didn’t, and workers, families, businesses, and even state tax revenues are experiencing real benefits.
  • Trump overturning all of Obama’s policies would doom us as a nation.

I’m paraphrasing, and that’s the short list, but it is all we need.

The economy is doing great, and Democrats not only had nothing to do with it they opposed everything responsible. But they can’t run on that so they are going to claim that Obama deserves credit for this economic boom (that sometimes doesn’t exist depending on the Democrat and the audience) and because they supported Obama’s policies you should support them.

Great idea and by all means, please do that because if Trump rolled back Obama’s policies to the detriment of the nation, how can those policies – or your connection to them – be credited with the all this economic growth?

They can’t.

Democrats opposed tax reform in 2017. They all voted against it. They all bought into the party of “no” narrative regarding anything Trump suggested, did, or tried to do. So, they can’t even run on supporting economic reform they claimed wouldn’t work.

They can bitch about the economy, but that means telling people who have benefited that it sucks or it isn’t good enough, an idea they ignored for eight years under Obama when the economy actually sucked and never got good enough.

Can they run on undoing Trump’s reforms? That means raising taxes and legislating more burdensome rules and regulations. Some have suggested that this is what they’ll do and we should take them at their word.

And there is always the reliable standby: hating on Trump and anyone who ever thought of voting for him.

They are not without options but one of these messages is very uplifting and in contrast to the coat-tails of the positive Trump message ‘Make America Great Again,’ (and the economic success that has come from it) the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner.

As stupid as Republicans have been, I’m interested in their chances given what the Democrats have to offer which is nothing.

If voters can be motivated to protect the improvements they can see and feel (with some expectation of more) and vote to preserve those gains from Democrats looking to destroy them; the left could have a tough time in November.