When CHAD can demonstrate they know more about REAL gun safety…

CHAD - Nanny for guns

Until then, shut the bleep up and stop being Nannies that are unneeded, unwanted, and “presenting” (they use that word a lot, those medical people) a snotty (and snotty) sense of moral superiority to we “bitter clingers” of you know whats. You know far more about medical issues than I do and I listen.  Don’t assume it transfers to other areas like Second Amendment issues.

(H/T: K on FB)

UPDATE: This, too – American Medical Association Calls for More Gun Control Including Gun Bans, Confiscation

And no, they are not “commonsense”.

UPDATE II: This is an even better description – The AMA’s Latest Call for More Gun Control Laws: The Conceit of the Anointed

by Skip

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