Son of Sanders Has a Lackluster Congressional Campaign in New Hampshire

levi sanders photoLevi ‘s Sander’s is running for Congress in New Hampshire. And he says, “we’re reaching out to a lot of low income and working class folks. I’m starting to get a good group of folks in New Hampshire, and I’m feeling very good.”

But no one else is feeling the vibe.

Sanders grabbed national headlines in late February when he announced his bid for the House in New Hampshire’s high profile First Congressional District.

And that’s where buzz seems to have ended.

Levi arrived late. He isn’t from the district. He’s having trouble raising money in a huge primary field. Papa Bernie is staying out of it. Most of the Granite State’s Sanders hippies already backed candidates before he jumped in. And it sounds like he’s a sucky candidate.

When I first shared the rumors of his entry a few folks thought it was BS. It turns out he got in as predicted but it’s still BS, so we’re both right.

As for pushing the narrative further left, turns out they didn’t need Levi for that. They’re already there because Democrat primary voters are there. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for late-to-the-party Levi (whose best endorsement so far comes from the Gov of New Jersey).

No loss. One Democrat Socialist isn’t much different from the next. They all want to take stuff from you and can’t tell you how much. And whether you give or they take it is never enough. Ever.

And the fact of the matter is that if New Hampshire stays home and lets the left have the seat(s) they will all be Speaker Pelosi puppets.