RRftSotRR – I get stuff. This one? “Shut up and just vote for us, Republicans”

I get stuff.  All the time.  Some puts a smile on my face for the right reason.  Some don’t.  But some put smiles on my face but not necessarily for the purposes for which it was meant.  This is one of them. RRftSotRR stands for one of my memes: a “Republican Republican for the Sake of the Republican Party”.  Translation: Thou shalt not diss the Party.  Not swift, as I’m not all that into such totalitarian diktats from my “political” betters (or those thinking they are).  So, in this person’s own words:

RRftSotRP Missive - front-600 Part 1

OK, this is mostly fact based – mostly.  There’s an element of truth in there to which the answer is [carefully?] avoided and it is something that we all learned in elementary school (well, depending on when you went to elementary school).

Why? That’s the question – why? The deterioration gets documented.  The “Why?” is not discussed.

Why did a solidly Red State go purple? There’s more than a few reasons – but none are given. Why?  Only that Republicans have lost minds and hearts (more on the former in a moment, coupled with the word “their”) over the years.  The writer is correct – the Democrats have made create inroads where the NH GOP held sway.


Unknown – but it is clear that the author pines for long ago election “when we could count on comfortable Republican victories“. Translation: when Republicans could be fat, dumb, stupid, indolent and lazy? That Republicans didn’t have to “work” at stuff?  That they simply could take elections and issues for granted?

Could be, might be.  Hope it wasn’t meant to be a warning – time for that is well long gone.  The echoes of that bell faded long time past.

But there’s a HOW in there to, along with a WHAT as well:

We need to UNIFY ALL REPUBLICANS and we need to work together to prevail.

Well, I’ll hand it to the writer in that second clause – given the current registration stats, they have to but it is insufficient. But I’ll give the writer that “WHAT”.

The HOW is clear – the first clause.  However, HOW do you expect to do that, given the voting results of the last few years by GOP elected officials (both in Concord and D.C.)?

Oh, is the ‘Grok part of the problem?  We’ll see in Part 2

(H/T: You know who you are…)