Quick Thought: it sounds so fine and so high-falutin’ don’t it?

Willem Cerf

“Everyone has a right to live in a country not dominated by the systemic racist practices of government and other powerful institutions, structures, institutional interlocks, and matrices,” Willem Cerf of Manchester said in remarks distributed by the campaign.

Scratching my head here – I think Cerf just called almost EVERYONE in the country else a RACIST! Nice way to convince people: “Hi, glad to meet you.  So, you’ve been a RACIST! all your life, huh?”.  Good way to make a stupid impression. He also sounds like a stereotype Progressive; did he really think he is “communicating” with Normal folks?

Oh, this explains it – from his Twitter page: “Berniecrat, doctoral candidate, social justice activist, Christian”

Sorry, gibberish.

(H/T: Union Leader)