One More Wack At Dartmouth and the Ruling Class Elite

Ruling ClassA recent survey of Dartmouth Students got ample attention from me here and here, but Jack Kerwick, writing at, combed through it here and I wanted to share his conclusion because it distills the noisy narratives down to a moment of clarity.

In summary, the Dartmouth survey establishes the truth of three propositions:

(1)Republican students are overwhelmingly outnumbered by Democrats at Dartmouth.

(2)Republican students are far more tolerant of diverse viewpoints than Democrats at Dartmouth.

(3)Republican students value freedom of speech and expression far more than do Democrats at Dartmouth.

In a word, the Dartmouth survey confirms what many of us have long known while radically undercutting the left’s narrative concerning conservatives and Republicans as agents of intolerance.   

Read his whole piece for the finer points or revisit either of my previous posts. Dartmouth Democrats and the Left’s Ideological Master Race, and Dartmouth’s Ideological Free Speech Divide: Why Democrats Need to Lose Again in 2018.

It should concern the rest of America just how many of them will carry this intolerance into their “professional” lives as members of the ruling class. A class that Michael Walsh, writing at PJ Media, describes as those who,

“…will claim they want to create a “classless society” but what they really want is a pyramid scheme of workers lorded over by a nomenklatura consisting entirely of themselves.”

The PC, Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion mumbo jumbo comes apart when you discover how intolerant these ‘disruptors’ of the existing order are. It invalidates their social experiment. It proves that they are more interested in politics than people.

And when you think about all of that, it explains all the hatred for Donald Trump. He isn’t one of them. He’s come to disrupt them. And no, they’re not having it. They will do or say anything to stop him. But you, you racist, bigoted, white supremacist, Nazi haters –that’s what they call you for supporting him – you still have a voice.

You might want to use it while you still can.

Trump is making waves in all the still waters of the ruling class. Both here and abroad. If he isn’t given time to finish the job with at least marginal support from Congress (to Make America Great Again), no one else may ever have the opportunity or the balls to try again.

The intolerant Democrat like those from Dartmouth will win.

And you will be silenced.