Mueller Files Motion To Hide Evidence From Parties He Has Indicted

Russians getting to you, Bob?

From the “we’re already ignoring the Constitution” files, Minister of Mopery, Herr Mueller, has decided that he can indict people without having to provide evidence for the indictment to those he has charged.

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his deputy Rush Atkinson filed a 14-page motion Tuesday arguing that the government shouldn’t have to release certain evidence to indicted Russian company Concord Management and Consulting LLC due to ongoing “interference operations” against the United States.


In the United States, criminal defendants are entitled–by virtue of an almost sacred right–to view the evidence used against them. This right undergirds the basic foundation of America’s adversarial legal system.

Herr Mueller and company want to hide or suppress evidence form the defense. This is just the latest act from an extra-judicial cabal more interested in press and headlines than justice or the rule of law.

Mike covered the warm-ups here, in which Herr Mueller is scrambling after Russians he indicted but never expected to show up showed up to face the charges.

“but more interestingly, the American representatives of Russian company Concord Management have shown up in court to plead Not Guilty and demand a speedy and open trial with full discovery!”

The accused are pressing for that right and the right to discovery.

The Prosecution is begging the Court to deny discovery.

Given that Mueller, while faring well with the adoring Trump-Hating press, has not done well with Judges, the odds are not in his favor.

I for one am interested in seeing the evidence behind the government’s case as should everyone else.

If there’s any credibility to it then Mueller should be enthusiastic to present it all in pursuit of more headlines and cable-news glory. The fact that he’s not just hesitant but asking the Court to bend the constitution in half so he can hide it suggests he’s got nothing or less than nothing.

And nothing ruins your “show trial” like getting busted for false prosecution.

H/T Dan Bongino.