Kevin Miller: There is One Word that Truly Describes Steve Shurtleff…Charlatan


By Kevin Miller

House Minority Leader Stephen Shurtleff bashed Republican leadership for not passing gun control laws to “make our schools safer.” Such attacks on Republican leaders are slander. Republican leaders *are* passing legislation expressly for making our schools safer, but not how Shurtleff wants it done.

When Stephen Shurtleff took office, he swore to uphold the constitution. However, ever since he entered the State House, Shurtleff has done nothing but betrayed that promise, voting for legislation that overrides the U.S. Constitution, removing the rights of NH citizens. There is one word that truly describes Shurtleff…a charlatan, a con man who promises one thing and delivers another.

Furthermore, Shurtleff’s claim that to protect our children we must restrict access to firearms is a falsehood. If someone walks into a school with a rifle, students can’t face that with a cafeteria knife. Banning guns will only hurt our children, as killers will purchase firearms illegally, leaving the law-abiding students defenseless. Shurtleff is not protecting our children by taking away our gun rights…he is giving them a death sentence.

There *is* an alternative. I am a politically conservative candidate who is also concerned about student safety. I will protect your children, preserve your rights, and keep my promises to you, the people. As a former Marine, my motto was ‘Semper Fidelis,’ meaning ‘Always Faithful.’ When I enlisted, I swore to protect the Constitution from *all* threats foreign and domestic. If I am elected, I will do exactly that.


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