Intellectually, I knew this happens but to see it is another thing

…to actually see it on screen.

I went to look for an image (DuckDuckGo doesn’t do the best of jobs for that so I picked Google) and after creating a new tab, this showed up:

Google - disturbing

A bit too connected for my liking – the first three were cell phone calls I placed this afternoon while in my truck, the last was yesterday.  I use a BlueParrot truckers’ headset that connect via bluetooth to my Android smartphone.  Of course, Google owns that OS and owns the search engine – email account links the two.  Those four lines are the hands free commands I speak, the headset sends to the smartphone, and Google does the speech-to-text translation: call placed

I’ve always known what goes on behind the scenes but it is rather disconcerning to see those vocal commands showing up on another device (my laptop) other than on my phone.

Ease of use – but at what price?  Remember, when something is “free” from a company, you generally are the “product” and guess who is for sale?

by Skip

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