Congratulations to Weekend Pundit!

Weekend Pundit

Again, when GraniteGrok was newly born, Weekend Pundit was the first to ever link to us (and as you can see, we’ve never forgotten that nice gesture).  Well, a blogcelebration is in order!

Where Did All The Time Go? It’s Been 16 Years!!

It’s hard to believe that this blog has been around for sixteen years, but it has. My dear brother made the first post 16 years ago today, our former website – World Domination, Inc – having become too cumbersome to maintain. (Our motto was and still is Subjugating Humanity, One Individual At A Time.) His first post can be found here. Just scroll down to the bottom.

This blog started on Blogger, then moved to Blogmosis (long defunct), then Nexcess, and finally back to Blogger. There have been thousands of posts, some lost (when Blogmosis went under), and the rest here at Blogger. The topics covered are too numerous to list, but most of them dealt with the Left, the Wrong (basically the same thing), the Constitution, and just plain tomfoolery of all stripes. While life has intruded, making blogging much more difficult, I have managed to post on weekends. (I guess that makes the blog title accurate, eh?)

Some have asked if I will eventually give this up. The honest answer is I don’t know. All I can say for sure is that if I do it won’t be any time soon. It could be I might move my blogging to another well established blog. I might go back to almost daily blogging here. Only time will tell. I any case, here’s to 16 years on the blogosphere, and hopefully many more to come.

To steal a phrase from the Left: He Persisted.  He’s one of the very, VERY few NH bloggers still left from the early Wild, Wild West blogosphere. He also comes here on a regular basis and comments and Weekend Pundit is always at least a weekly read.

(H/T: Weekend Pundit)