Blogline of the Day – Emmanuel Macron: “‘We don’t mind being G6, if needs be”

The truth is, we are the Big Fish in the tiny G7 pond. Our economy outweighs the rest of them combined.

Don Surber

He continues:

National GDP:

  • Canada ($1.8 trillion)
  • Italy ($2.2 trillion)
  • France ($2.9 trillion)
  • United Kingdom ($2.9 trillion)
  • Germany ($4.2 trillion)
  • Japan ($5.2 trillion)

Total: $19.2 trillion with  439 million people. The United States: $20.4 trillion with 326 million.

We do more with three-fourths the population.

So, who need whom more?  Especially when you add in military might?


by Skip

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