A Presidential Pardon for Jerry Delemus

by Skip

President Trump put out the call for suggestions for people that we all believe deserve (or better, earned) a Presidential Pardon from him.  Many of us think that a dandy suggestion would be one for our friend Jerry Delemus.  Many of us also think that he was made an example of because when juries declared some of the people that were tried along with Jerry for the exact same charges were innocent, it seemed like there was some judicial hanky-panky going on (what, someone being made “an example of” simply because it could be done?  Naw, that couldn’t happen here in the US!).

If you are of a like mind, here’s some information that could fit on a postcard:

Jerry Delemus Pardon back

And where to send it to:

Jerry Delemus Pardon front

We’d be much obliged.

Hey, the Democrats are always howling “How DARE Trump split apart families!!!!”.  Well, encourage them to write in as well to put the Delemus family back together again!

(H/T: Diane)

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