A Belated and Partial ‘Grok Heavy Hitters’ for April 2018

Grok Heavy Hitters - April 2018On June 1st I added a low profile hit counter (back) into the back end so we could continue tracking page hits until Grok 3.0 goes live. The new site is coming along and thanks again to everyone who donated. Grok 3.0 will include some detailed tools to do what the plugin does for Grok 2.0 so we have a clearer view of what readers prefer.

But to the point, adding the counter in allowed me to salvage some data from April which I had earlier reported as lost. We did still lose about five to six weeks of page hit data (All of May 2018 for Example) but there was enough from April to create a partial heavy hitters list for that month.

Instead of a top ten, we have a top five with the caveat that there were posts in the last eight to ten days that very likely would have made the top ten, we just don’t have the data to report that.

So, here it is. The Top Five Heavy Hitters for April, to the best of our available knowledge.

#5 Breaking: Steve Has Had a Heart Attack
by Skip Murphy

#4 Ideologies Do Not Belong In Schools (Part 2)
by Ken Eyring

#3 Paving the Way: Judges, Children, and Gender
by Ellen Kolb

#2 So, Yeah I Had a Heart Attack
by Steve MacDonald

#1 Deerfield, Illinois Passes Gun Confiscation Ordinance
by Steve MacDonald

Nothing for May, but there will be a Heavy Hitters for June 2018, in the first few days of July.