Trump Said the Government Was Spying on His Campaign and He Was Right

nsa usa spyingRemember when the media and the Democrats (sorry for repeating myself) called Trump a conspiracy theorist and whackjob for claiming his campaign was being spied on? How much time did they spend on that particular story, we may never know, but Trump was right.

The Obama Administration was spying on the campaign of a political opponent to assist his Democrat opponent.

If you’d like to wade into the weeds on this former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino’s website and podcast would be a good place to start. He’s got a mountain of content, names, links, and details, which you can use to cross reference facts being released (soon) in an IG report about the activity. Kim Strassel is also a good resource, with thanks to Legal Insurrection for these tweets from her.

The NYT is trying to soften the blow and it will work in the liberal ghettoes but that’s not who they need to convince. Middle America, which may have tuned out on most if not all three rings of the liberal media circus may sit up and again take notice. If the results of the investigation are damaging enough, they will hang high enough and long enough to get and keep their attention.

Those interested in the intrigue want to know who the leaker is, who was embedded into the Trump campaign and most importantly when. Up until now, the whole Mueller investigation has been able to ignore the made-up dossier business in lieu of a meeting where a Trump staffer met in a bar with someone sent to ask him about Clinton emails, in hopes of getting a link they could use to claim collusion with Russia. But it the FBI had a mole embedded before that, the whole basis for the initial accusations becomes them most recent long-running lie fabricated by the left to support a false narrative for political purposes.

The circus is about to add a few more rings but these will feature (Yes We Scan) Obama, and Clinton hacks in the intelligence community performing tricks to distract from the real possibility that a sitting president used his executive power to spy on and manipulate the outcome of a federal election, before, during, and after.

And better yet, odds are very good the entire Trump/Russia Collusion Scandal is going to collapse in under its own weight.

Who it takes with it, remains to be seen.