The Coalition for Open Democracy Isn’t Very Transparent

dirty MoneyThe Coalition for Open Democracy was founded by New Hampshire’s Granny (D) Haddock to fight big money in politics. All based on the idea that wealthy special interests are warping the process.

Granny D left our world in 2010 and since then, or more specifically in 2014, 2015, and 2016 Open Democracy racked in a total of 750,000.00 dollars in donations.

From where?

We don’t know. They claim to be a non-partisan non-profit and they hide their donors.

But then so does NH Rebellion as a compatriot in their fight to give the government more and more control of political speech. NH Rebellion is part and parcel of a massive left-wing machine pushing a progressive agenda. Open Democracy, founded by a Democrat, has the same mission. It’s not non-partisan.

Getting Republicans to help doesn’t change any of that.

The goal is to control speech before elections be it the money or the timing it makes no difference. It violates the fundamental nature of the first amendment (but somehow) without ever limiting the sacred and powerful corporate media (or the incorporated unions who pay no taxes) who are not just left-leaning, they are the voice of the far left. Or, for that matter, political speech by incumbent politicians who benefit from the resources of favored corporations among other donors, none of whom will be impaired in any meaningful way by whatever comes of the efforts of such groups as NH Rebellion or Open Democracy.

It’s not about money in politics so much as it is about whose money is in whose politics.

And (by design) the effort to curtail and control spending on political speech inevitably leads to more lobbyists and special interests spending more money inside the beltway outside election windows which is not better for speech, campaigns, or America. It is better for incumbents, the deep-state, bigger government, higher taxes, and the progressive elite ruling class that feeds off them.

But ignore all of that for the moment, and not just because groups like NH Rebellion and Open Democracy have to shield their eyes to avoid collapsing under the weight of the hypocrisy.

Let us just boil it down to transparency. Who is doing the spending? Who are the influencers?

If it is really that important shouldn’t groups like Open Democracy open their books and explain where that three-quarter of a million dollars came from? And if not why?

What are you hiding?