Quick Thought – tell me where in the Private Sector that gets these kinds of “raises”?

No more money for Entitlements

And in this case, it’s always the taxpayer that is taking in the shorts when our elected officials don’t “cherish” (more on Andru Volinsky in an upcoming post) other peoples money. John Cataldo has a great Op-Ed about “sustainability” or rather, how fiscally unsustainable many financial decisions are (emphasis mine):

Roughly 50 percent of city employees are on some kind of step and longevity pay scale. In one year under Yarger-Decker, an employee on the index could receive a step increase at 3 percent, a longevity increase at 2 percent, and a cost of living adjustment (COLA) negotiated at 3 percent. That is a total pay increase of 8 percent in a single given year. Compare that to the increase in spending allowed under the tax cap this year at 1.63 percent, and it is simply not sustainable.

They’re not the ones that have to deal with the aftermath – the union members get their money, the officials get an easier ride to reelection because they didn’t rile up the Special Interest Group better known as unions; they go after taxpayer wallets because WILLIE SUTTON! (er, the guy who famously said “it’s where the money is” when asked why he kept robbing banks).

Question: for those of you who have to support this legalized robbery masquerading as a common street cardtable three shell shill game, when’s the last time YOU got that kind of a raise?

Question: when is the last time you got involved in your town’s financial skullduggary and how raises are handed out?  Have you read (or tried to) the contracts that enable the above?  I can tell you that it goes on more often than what you think.  Stop kvetching about your property taxes always going up and DO something about it!

One of the biggest contributors to this fiscal fiasco are the teachers unions aided and abetted by the NH School Board Association. Finally, there is a Conservative equivalent of that liberal “keep spending!” group: the SDGANH (School District Governance Association of NH).  If you are a School Board member, a Budget Committee member having to deal with School Board budgets (for both, both present and prior elected officials), or just a taxpayer tired of the lack of budget transparency and openness (and the lies when they “say” they are), come to those meetings and get involved.

Remember: here in NH, one person CAN make a difference – BE that person!

(H/T: Union Leader)