Metzler ‘School Board Choir’ Sings Praises, Hands Out Maximum Bonus!

The Earl of MetzlerThe Earl of Metzler, Grand Vizier (SAU55), praise be upon him, is thus bequeathed an increase in his annual stipend and a cash reward for; keeping the ‘little people’ down through the prodigious use of taxpayer monies to finance acts of legal force against his detractors (or threat thereof); the intimidation of political opponents who might question his divine guidance; and by using all means at this disposal to thwart efforts at transparency during his rule.

Well, that’s what it should have said. Instead, we got this.

Courtesy of Caty Belcher writing at timberlandsandown.

The SAU55 Board conducted their annual evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools at their May 9th board meeting.  The evaluation resulted in the Board’s vote to increase Dr. Metzler’s salary by 3.25% ($5,190.47) for the 2018-19 school year, and award a 4% percent performance bonus in the amount of $6,388.28.

The Board commends Dr. Metzler’s hard work and commitment to educational excellence and is appreciative of the tremendous amount of work undertaken to achieve his ambitious goals for the 2017-18 school year as reflected in the Board awarding the maximum performance bonus. 

The author wonders, “What would the superintendent have to do to not get a maximum bonus, and tremendous raise and drooling praise from SAU 55’s board chairman?”

That remains an unsolved mystery.

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